What should I do if there is a problem with the surface of the vibrating plate?

Issuing time:2019-04-01 00:00

The surface of the vibrating plate is often damaged. How do you face the situation? Because the air gap between the stator and the rotor of the micro gear reduction motor is small, the bearing is slightly worn once the bearing is seriously worn, overloaded or impacted. Deformation or bending will cause the rotor to broom.

   First understand the results of the broom, and lightly scratch the surface of the core, and the iron core wears and causes the winding to burn. During the operation of the geared motor, even if the rotor has only a slight broom, the power should be cut off immediately to stop the geared motor and check it. When inspecting, open the end cover of the geared motor, take out the rotor, carefully find out the location of the iron core and the degree of scratches, and find out the cause of the scratch. Usually, the silicon steel sheet of the core scratched portion is annealed by frictional overheating, and as a result, the magnetic permeability of the silicon steel sheet is lowered. On the other hand, the end faces of the silicon steel sheets tend to grind the burrs, and the burrs fall to both sides, causing a short circuit between the silicon steel sheets, which increases the eddy current of the core, thereby leaving a hidden danger. If not treated in time, the eddy current increases as the core insulation ages, causing the temperature rise of the geared motor to increase, resulting in overheating or even burning of the geared motor.

   Once the surface of the silicon steel sheet is found to have burrs, it can be scraped off with a triangular scraper and the surface of the core coated with insulating varnish. If the teeth of the silicon steel sheet are loose, the mica sheet can be inserted into the gap between the silicon steel sheets and coated with an insulating varnish. In this way, the insulation between the silicon steel sheets can be strengthened to prevent the short circuit between the sheets, and the strength of the core teeth can be increased.

   The winding insulation breaks through the short circuit or the winding is short-circuited to the ground to generate an arc, which causes the surface of the core to burn, and the vibrating plate tends to be uneven. This not only affects the normal operation of the vibrating plate, but also causes a short circuit between the silicon steel sheets, which increases the eddy current of the core. If the vibrating plate has a deposit, it can be scraped off with a scraper; if the vibrating plate is uneven, it can be cleaned and smoothed. After the above treatment, it is sufficient to apply an insulating varnish to the surface of the core.

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