What is the convenience of the feeder? What is the role?

Issuing time:2019-04-22 12:23

With the development of China's light industry and heavy industry, the use of automation equipment in its production process has become more and more extensive. It is also an important step in production and processing. Compared with traditional material transportation, it is solved by manpower. The disadvantage of this is that it increases the cost of production and wastes human resources. In the era of industrial automation, if it is still operating in the traditional way, it will be greatly reduced in terms of profitability. Then, the emergence of automated feeders will replace labor and carry out a series of operations for the enterprise.

As the name suggests, the feeder is the machine that transports the material. It is a machine that transports materials from elsewhere to the processing location during the production and processing of the product. The emergence of the feeder greatly reduces the production cost of the product, while also saving human resources. This is very competitive in a highly competitive modern society.

So what is the role of the feeder? Here is a detailed analysis.

1. It is suitable for punching products that require high-speed machining and require high-precision feeding. (up to 1200 feeds per minute)

2, the surface of the material will not leave any indentation, so that the plating alloy alloy, stainless steel, copper or secondary engineering manufacturers can get the most perfect punched product.

3. When the machine is running, it is quiet and silent, and does not cause noise in the workplace.

4. All adjustments are made by engraving, simple operation and good stability. Anyone can operate its body as

One-piece molding can avoid the resonance generated during stamping and affect the feeding accuracy.

Through years of research, gold production has realized the intelligentization and automation of conveying materials. Xiaobian here tells friends that if you want to reduce production costs and make your products more competitive, use the feeder to save costs and increase production capacity.

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