What industry is the feeder suitable for?

Issuing time:2019-04-22 14:07

What is the use of the feeder? From the literal meaning to understand is a machine to send things, then how does he feed, and how to provide the efficiency of our factory? Today, the producer of gold feeders share with us What is the device used for? What industry is it used for? Let's take a look!

From the top of the encyclopedia, the feeder is a machine that uses the force of the machine motion to force the material and transport the material. The feeder is an indispensable equipment for the light industry and heavy industry! It is a kind of power running to drive the conveyor belt, and then the object is sent off on the conveyor belt, and then reaches the production position, which is an indispensable part of our current assembly line operation.

Then the principle of the feeder working is: through the AC servo control system, the equipment can be driven at a high speed and high precision, and the feeding accuracy is about ±0.1mm and the cumulative error can be avoided. At the same time, the raw material production molding, punching, cold bending The type can achieve high precision and the error is extremely small!

What is the use of the feeder? The main thing is to see what type of feeder is available. The functions of different models are different. The functions are different. The main types of feeding equipment in the market are: punching, three-in-one, automatic, NC, servo, etc. machine!

What kind of industry is the feeder used for? The small series above introduces to the light and heavy industry. It is necessary to use the feeder. So what are the common feeders? In the manufacturing industry, the punch feeder is widely used in hardware. , stamping, electronics, electrical, technology, auto parts, metal, packaging, industry, precision, aviation, cabinets, machinery, electrical, electrical and other industries! Now everyone knows what the feeder is used, the applicable industry also knows it. Please contact the official website if necessary!

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