Various functions and advantages of mechanical equipment

Issuing time:2019-04-01 00:00

Various functions and advantages of mechanical equipment

China's industrial production has begun to become more and more developed. With the improvement of technology in various equipments, the punching machine has also developed. We all know that many production industries need to use punching machines. Today we will talk about Talk about some of its performance and some of its advantages.

1. One 1 station is equivalent to a high speed machine tool. (Customized 1-10 stations according to customer needs)

2, can provide an employee operation at the same time. (Can be customized 1-10 sets of molds, at the same time, save mold time, efficient and save money)

3, no need to scribe, no guide column, can quickly and accurately punch the arc without calipers.

4, the new hand is fast, easy to operate.

5. It can punch a circle/square tube with a thickness of 1.5mm or less. (Can be customized according to the cylinder can be circulated 0.6-5.0mm thick round / square tube)

The advantages of the punching machine are mainly reflected in the above aspects, but there are still some advantages that we rarely see in the usual, but if we understand more comprehensive, of course, there will be many benefits, if you want to know more You can call our company directly, we will have professional technicians to explain to you.

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