Why is the vibrating plate vibrating weak or too slow?

Issuing time:2019-04-01 00:00

Hello everyone, welcome to visit the official website of Dongguan Jinjin Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. ( After years of superb research on the principle and function of the vibrating plate, and analyzing the reasons for the weak and unstable feeding of the vibrating plate, the high-end products of the industry have been developed.

When people are weak, they will be weak or slow, and the vibration plate will be the same. It will also be weak! Vibration plate vibration is weak or too slow, feeding sporadically or irregularly, probably due to:

1. Improper adjustment of the base or breakage of the spring piece or improper adjustment of the coil gap

Second, the installation table is too thin or uneven or defective, lacking hardness. If suspended from the equipment table, the vibration will be too weak, the thickness of the table should be at least 1-1/2", so that it will not absorb vibration, the cylindrical legs must be equipped with triangular support.

3. There are too many sundries or parts in the plate, or the workpiece tolerance is too large, the front edge is too large and oily, etc.; the machine rhythm is too fast, causing the parts to slip off the vibration plate.

Fourth, the grid fluctuations, the controller needs to be re-adjusted to adapt to grid fluctuations.

5. Material changes, the disk surface should be re-trimmed and the chassis should be re-adjusted.

Sixth, there may be some problems in the use of air blowing, there may be: unstable air pressure, gas source pollution, water or oil, these pollutants will stay on the surface of the vibration plate, resulting in slower or even lower feed rate. The gas source must be clean and dry with separate regulators and filters. Do not use rigid tubes to reduce feed performance. A flexible hose should be used.

The above is the reason for the vibration of the vibrating plate, I hope to help everyone! If you want to know more about the vibration plate, you can continue to pay attention to this site!

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